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The MCC golf course is a golfing haven for all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned and polished veteran of the game, or one who just enjoys smacking the ball around for fun and recreation, you will find it to your liking. From the first drive to the last putt, the course is designed for the player’s maximum enjoyment. Many members prefer to enjoy the course on foot, as it is very walkable, and four hour rounds or less are the norm for 18-holes.

Don’t let the scorecard’s yardage fool you into thinking you can overpower the course. With only three par 5’s and a dose of testy par 4’s, the 6,341 yard par 71 layout will give you all the challenge you wish. Immaculate, detailed, and beautifully maintained conditions are the standard. The slick, lush greens vary in size and contour to meet expectations of all skill levels. Want to download the scorecard click Scroecardmcc.pdf

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